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Moloobhoy is now establishing an international presence. Drew Marine leads the industry with innovation, responsiveness, and cost-effective solutions. The Drew Marine team has access to state-of- the-art research facilities, proprietary methodology and numerous patented technologies.

Drew Marine is the most trusted brand and preferred global resource for marine solutions that enhance the longetvity and operating efficiency of ocean going vessels. Wednesday, Apr 15 Toggle navigation. Home About Us About Us. Company Profile Certifications Advisory Board.

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Moloobhoy Expansion Plan. Moloobhoy Goes International. Humbly at your Service. Artemis - Position Reference Sensor. Furuno Type-Specific. Danelec Marine. IMO Generic 1. Drew Marine Chemicals Drew Marine is a global leader providing technical solutions and services to the marine industry with a comprehensive range of advanced marine chemicals and equipment. About Drew Marine Drew Marine leads the industry with innovation, responsiveness, and cost-effective solutions. Boiler Water Treatment.

Liquid Coagulant. SLCC - A.

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Drewplex OX. Cooling Water Treatment. Amersperse Dewt NC. Evaporator Treatment. Fuel Additives. Amergy LT Soot Release. Soot Sticks. General Cleaners. ACC 9. Carbon Remover.

Oil and Grease Remover. Ameroid OWS.Facebook Google Twitter. Password Hide. Remember me. I agree to the Terms.

amerzine drew marine

Lost your password? Please enter your email address. You will receive a link to create a new password. Toggle navigation. Embed Script. Size px x x x x Included are explanations of why water treatment is required and a description of the methods used in modern marine practice. The purpose and application of each of the Drew Marine water treatment chemicals is explained.

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This edition has been updated to include the newest treatments and tests in our line. The power plants of modern steam and motor vessels are more efficient today than at any other time in history. Boilers and diesel engines are designed to extract the greatest possible amount of energy from the fuel and to turn that energy into work. Turbines, generators and auxiliary equipment are designed to make the most effective use of the steam or mechanical energy that is supplied to them.

Efficient operation of the marine power plant depends significantly on the quality of the water that it receives. Contaminants such as dissolved minerals, gases, oil, and even the water itself can cause serious damage to power plant equipment unless proper control steps are taken. Testing is an important part of any water treatment program because the test results are the primary means of controlling the program and of detecting problems.

All test procedures are described in this manual after discussion of the applicable treatment program. We refer the reader to the section entitled "General Information" which should be read before conducting tests. Here, recommendations are provided for proper sampling, general testing and recording techniques. Harrington, ed. Ammonia condensate, high pressure Conductivity all pressuresBoiler Water Systems. The DREWPLEX dual treatment program brings in a new era in boiler-water technology and the antidote to boiler uncertainties, with proven value for increasing the efficiency and life of the entire steam-generating system.

Water Treatment Testing.

Drew Marine Water Trteatment Manual

Count on us for advanced ampoule technology and easy-to-use systems for daily monitoring of your steam system operation and conditions. Our modern, self-contained test kits, with vacuum-sealed, self-filling ampoules containing pre-measured reagents, set the industry standard. These kits are supplied with easy-to-use apparatus and are highly accurate for analyzing water samples.

They combine unparalleled accuracy with ease of use. Because a cooling water system is an essential part of a diesel engine, a carefully controlled water treatment program is essential for its efficient operation.

The water treatment program is monitored with a few simple tests, and the control tests are the basis on which the chemical dosage is adjusted. Testing and chemical dosing should be done on a regular basis and is a vital part of a successful treatment program.

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Efficient engines are critical to the ship's well being. During combustion, the temperatures of the gases are extremely high and, without proper cooling, the engine will eventually malfunction. To prevent this overheating, engines in the marine market are typically cooled with water. It is important to protect the engine by using distilled water that has been treated with a corrosion inhibitor.

Corrosion inhibitors create a barrier between the water and the metal or create a protective film to strengthen the metal from being attacked. Drew Marine provides an assortment of cooling water treatment chemicals along with information on applications, controls and dosage requirements for each product.

These cooling water treatment chemicals include:.

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Evaporator Treatment. The evaporator is the source of the usable water on a ship, outside of that taken aboard and carried in fresh water tanks. It's essential that the evaporator functions properly in order to ensure high purity water for the ship's use.

If not properly maintained and cleaned, scale deposits will form. This can reduce the amount of heat that is transferred and thus reduce the water production level.These equivalent lists are indicative and for guidance purposes only.

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All comparisons are based on information publicly provided by our competitors. No rights or liability can be assumed for any damage or loss. Alkalinity Control. Bacteria Control. Boiler Treat Combi. Boiler Treat One Shot. Condensate Control.

Condensate Treat. Cooltreat NCLT. Evaporator Treat. Hardness Control Liquid. Liquid Coagulant. Economizer Treat. FOT Combustion Catalyst. FOT Flow Improver.

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FOT LI FOT Sludge Dispersant. Soot Remover Liquid.

amerzine drew marine

Soot Remover Powder. Air Cooler Cleaner. Carbon Remover NC. Degreaser Descaler Powder NI.Our Markets. Supported by a worldwide network of Drew Marine service engineers — and a global supply chain delivering to hundreds of ports every day — your teams can perform without worries about reliability or compliance.

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Onshore and at sea, for complexities and cost-efficiencies, Drew Marine takes you to a higher level. We have a distinguished history, one where we have brought groundbreaking water treatment programs to our business partners.

Several of our branded chemicals have become industry standards, and we actively pursue new technologies and programs to benefit our business partners.

To learn more about the industries we serve, recent product launches or upcoming events Drew Marine will be involved with, read below.

Drew Marine is steadfast in the belief that we can better serve you because, our people understand your ships and the regulatory environment in which they operate.

Our product managers have been previously employed by major classification societies, having developed an understanding of IMO regulations and Classification Rules. Our team is committed to providing only the best, most innovative technical solutions to all our business partners.

Learn More. Drew Marine offers a broad range of high-quality chemicals for oilfield applications to help service companies around the globe meet changing needs within the oilfield industry. Our chemical expertise and innovation potential enable you to accelerate your success.

Stay up-to-date with Drew Marine. Whether you're interested in new product launches, company announcements, Maritime-related industry news or information on upcoming trade show and other industry events, be sure to get informed on all things Drew Marine.

The Drew Marine worldwide team has access to state-of- the-art research facilities, proprietary methodology and numerous patented technologies. With hundreds of ports and growing, Drew Marine is here to serve your needs, wherever they may be. See Port Locations. Want opportunities to lend value across the globe? Seeking an environment that rewards leaders, and works as one unit? Take your career to a higher level by joining the Drew Marine team. Career Opportunities.Drew Marine is a global leader providing technical solutions and services to the marine industry with a comprehensive line of advanced marine chemicals, and Recently Supplied: corrosion inhibitor orderd quantity must Recently Supplied: containing descaling accelerators, corrosion-inhibitors and wetting agents.

SWG is Hutton's Medical is one of the world's leading companies specialising in developing and supplying a wide range of pharmaceutical and medical supplies to the shipping Document Match View Document. CM Technologies CMT is a specialised manufacturer for on-line and on-site condition monitoring solutions. Our equipment enables onsite engineers to make on the Welcome to the Accord International, Inc.

amerzine drew marine

Accord International, Inc. Document Match: with a corrosion inhibitor. For the ones who get it done. Get the products you need, when you need them. Grainger, Inc. Recently Supplied: corrosion inhibitor oz. Worldwide supplier of marine chemicals, technical gases and refrigerants, welding equipment and accesories plus FRS services.

Serving the worlds commercial Document Match: dispersants, detergents and corrosion inhibitors. Imatech BV is a ship supplier of electrical technical material in its widest range to ship-owners, ship management companies and offshore companies.

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